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Mrs. Ingrid Rüütel
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Mrs. Ingrid Rüütel


Ingrid Rüütel was born on 3.11.1935 in Tallinn. In 1959, she graduated as an Estonian philologist from the Faculty of History and Languages of the Tartu State University. Worked as head of the publishing group of the university and, from the autumn of 1959, as a researcher in the Folklore Department of the Fr. R. Kreutzwald Museum of Literature. From 1963 to 1967, she took a postgraduate course in folk music and thereafter, 1967-1977, continued her work for the Museum of Literature. From 1978, she was Head of the Folk Music Unit of the Institute of Estonian Language and Literature. From 1 January 2000, this unit, now bearing the name Department of Ethnomusicology, belongs to the Estonian Museum of Literature. From 1 April 2002, Ingrid Rüütel is Senior Researcher at the Department of Ethnomusicology.

In 1970, she was awarded the degree of Candidate of Philological Sciences ("The Formation of the Estonian Contemporary Folk Songs"), which later was converted to a doctor's degree, and, in 1996, Doctor of Humanities ("The Historical Stratifications of Estonian Folk Songs in the Context of Ethnic Relations"). She has collected and researched into folk songs and music of the Estonians and other Finno-Ugrian peoples, organized international scientific conferences, compiled and edited collections of materials and research, participated in the organization of folklore festivals and helped shape cultural policy, supervised diploma, master's and doctoral works. She has published about two hundred research papers and compiled collections and records of the music of Finno-Ugrian peoples.

Ingrid Rüütel is a Member of the International Committee for Finno-Ugric Congresses, Chairwoman of the Estonian National Committee of the International Council for Traditional Music, Chairwoman of the Estonian National Folklore Council and Estonia's national delegate to the International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Art (CIOFF). She is a Foreign Member of the Finnish Literature Society, the Kalevala Society and the Finno-Ugrian Society, and an Honorary Member of the Finnish Folklore Association. Mrs Rüütel is also a Member of the Estonian Composers' Union, the Council of the Estonian National Culture Foundation and the Council of the Association of Telephonic Emergency Service "Usaldus".

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