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The President
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The President of the Republic is patron of the following events, institutions and organisations:

The Estonian National Opera since 2002

The Estonian Male Choirs Association since 2001

The Estonian Home Decoration Association since 2002

The Estonian Rye Society since 2002

Kuressaare Opera Festival since 2002

The outlook tower "Suure Munamäe Vaatetorn" since 2002

The Quality Award Competition of the Estonian Export Agency since 2002

The Enterprise Year of the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of South Estonia in 2002

The programme NEW ESTONIA in 2002 presenting Estonian culture in Poland

The International Congress "Cultural Semiotics, Cultural Mechanisms, Boundaries and Identities" in 2002

The 54. European Congress on Agriculture in 2002

The Estonian Enterprise Year 2002

The First European Civil Society Forum 2002

The IX Youth Song and Dance Festival in 2002

Forum Balticum since 2002

Competition of History Research 2002-2005

The Society "Maarjakase selts" since 2003

The Estonian Games of Rural Sports in 2003

The Association of Saaremaa Island Games - 2003

The Kaali Museum of Meteoritics since 2003

The Year of Disabled People in 2003

The Training Project "Watch the World" from 2002 to 2004

The Estonian World Festival ESTO 2004

The XXIV Estonian Song and the XVII Dance Festival in 2004

The 4th World Congress of Finno-Ugric Peoples in 2004

The International Folklore Festival BALTICA 2004

The 4th Baltic Sea NGO Forum in 2004

The Celebration of the Bicentenary of the Tartu University Hospital in 2004

Contcert series "Master School" and "Music of the Soul" - 2004

The Carl Robert Jakobson Ploughing Competition at Torma - 2004

Concert ceremony on the occasion of the International Day of the Elderly - 2004

The Celebration of the 130th Anniversary of Konstantin Päts

The Lions Clubs International Europa Forum 2005 in 2005

The International Conference "Border Changes in 20th Century Europe" on the Anniversary of Tartu Peace Treaty in 2005

European Championships in Air Guns - 2005

Patron of the XXV International Hanseatic Days - 2005

Estonian Scout Association's and Estonian Guide Association's Jamboree "Rännumaa" - 2005

Junior Chamber International (JCI) European Conference in Tallinn - 2006

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