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President of the Republic at the presentation of the credentials by H.E. Shahid A. Kamal, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on 20 December 2001

Your Excellency,

I am delighted to welcome you as the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Estonia.

It is true that the history of relations between Estonia and Pakistan is not very long but the relations have been developing in a friendly spirit and with respect for each other`s interests.

Due to the military operations in Afghanistan directed against terrorism, the world`s attention to and interest in Pakistan have grown significantly. We were glad to see that Pakistan as well took its stand in line with other countries condemning terrorism. Estonia acknowledges Pakistan`s supportive role and principled posture in the fight against terrorism. Prevention of conflicts and sufferings in our globalizing world is undoubtedly an objective worth jointly striving for.

During the decade since the restoration of its independence, Estonia has accumulated great experiences in the field of social and economic reforms. Hence, we are following with great sympathy the efforts of Pakistan on its way of social and economic development. I wish Pakistan to succeed in carrying out the reforms needed for the progress. Pakistan, prosperous in terms of economy and stable in view of its society, will be a good and co-operative partner for all its neighbours.

Mr Ambassador,

The bilateral trade, economic and cultural ties between Estonia and Pakistan definitely need further development. The friendly relations between our two countries hitherto give us a good reason to believe that we will succeed in striving for this goal. And while doing so, I am confident, we can count on your personal contribution.

Please accept my cordial wishes for the success of your mission in advancing the relations between our countries.

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