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The President of the Republic met with the Head of Lithuanian State

President Arnold Rüütel today ended his working visit to the Vilnius Summit of Heads of State from the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea region with a meeting with Valdas Adamkus, President of the Republic of Lithuania.

The two Heads of State considered the Vilnius Conference as successful. In the words of President Rüütel the Summit strengthened the will of democracy building states in the Black Sea region and elsewhere to firmly stay on the chosen path. ''When building up a democratic state ruled by law, there could be setbacks and people might feel that not all of their high expectations have been fulfilled. But I believe in the determination of Ukrainian, Georgian, Moldovan and other people to overcome such difficulties and to go on,'' the President of the Republic said.

President Adamkus emphasised the significance of the fact that the Baltic states and other European Union and NATO member sates that participated in the conference demonstrated their readiness to contribute with their experiences and knowledge to expanding the zone of democracy.

President Rüütel expressed regret that some people have treated the summit in the context of old prejudice and hostile confrontation. “In the focus of the Vilnius Conference was a clear message, primarily directed towards those countries that have chosen a democratic path, a message that encourages them to continue with thorough reforms that cannot be avoided in order to stay on the chosen course. At the same time, the conference provided an opportunity to all participating countries to demonstrate their readiness for active involvement in the implementation of the EU neighbourhood policy. The countries represented at the conference have based their cooperation on principled values and not short-term political interest. Naturally, Estonia, similarly to other countries, is interested in developing constructive cooperation with Russia on the basis of such shared values,” the President of the Republic said.

The Heads of State of Estonia and Lithuania discussed also issues of Baltic cooperation, including those related to energy problems.

Andres Tropp, Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia to Lithuania and Karin Jaani, Director General of the 2nd Political Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia were also present at the meeting. President Rüütel arrived back in Estonia in the afternoon.

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Kadriorg, May 5, 2006

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