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PRELIMINARY NOTICE: The President of the Republic will give recognition to the best home decorators

President Arnold Rüütel, on Sunday, August 13, at noon, will give recognition to this year’s best home decorators at the Võru House of Culture „Kannel“ and will hand over the Beautiful Estonian Home 2006 awards.

The most beautiful Estonian homes were selected by the Estonian Home Decoration Movement.

NB! Journalists are welcome to cover the event.

The winners of the Beautiful Estonian Home 2006 award are:

Harju County
The Dobrjanski family’s home at Järveküla, Rae Rural Municipality
The Uustalus ancestral farm in Kirivalla village, Kõue Rural Municipality
Maardu Cemetery

The Vaidla and the Heinmets families’ homes in Kärdla
The Sahtels Veski Farm in Nõmme village, Käina Rural Municipality
The Teigars home in Taterma village, Käina Rural Municipality
The Kesküla family’s home at Õngu

Ida- Viru County
The Armi family’s home at Iisaku
The Soppes home in Purtse village, Lüganuse Rural Municipality
The Kohver family’s home in Kestla village, Aseri Rural Municipality
The Medvedski family’s home at Narva-Jõesuu
Kohtla Mining Park-Museum and ash mountains
City of Narva

Jõgeva County
The Olesk family’s home in Jõgeva Rural Municipality
The Allsaar family’s home in Lustivere village, Põltsamaa Rural Municipality
The Lojander family’s home at Põltsamaa
Jõgeva County Government House
Palamuse Rural Municipality

Järva County
The Türk family’s home in Lokuta village, Türi Rural Municipality
The Katsa family’s home in Lokuta village, Türi Rural Municipality
The farm of Verro Elmik in Väljataguse village, Väätsa Rural Municipality
Maie Tambaur’s Sapi Farm in Imavere village, Imavere Rural Municipality
Ambla Rural Municipality

The Kalmu family’s Haava Farm in Pürksi village, Noarootsi Rural Municipality
The Sahk family’s home in Haapsalu
Haapsalu Kuursaal

Lääne-Viru County
The Maasiku family home at Tamsalu
The Sinimäe family’s Vahtra Tourism Farm in Käsmu village, Vihula Rural Municipality
The Lõugas family’s home in Pihlaspea village, Vihula Rural Municipality

Põlva County
The Neeme family’s home at Põlva
The Mölder family’s home in Tiido village, Valgjärve Rural Municipality
The Haini family’s Haina Farm in Mustjõe village, Laheda Rural Municipality
The Helme family’s home in Taevaskoja village, Põlva Rural Municipality

Pärnu County
The Tedre family’s home in Kihlepa village, Audru Rural Municipality
A group of buildings in Kuuse Street, Audru
Carl Robert Jakobson Farm Museum at Kurgja
The South-West region of State Forest Management Center’s Varbla Forest District’s administrative building in Varbla village, Varbla Rural Municipality
Pikavere village

Rapla County
The Laanemets family’s home in Tuti village, Rapla Rural Municipality
The Linnamägi family’s Orava Farm in Purga village, Märjamaa Rural Municipality
The house of Ebbe Nõmmik and Tarmo Metti Kivi at Kaerepere, Kehtna Rural Municipality
The Holm family’s Rahnumaja Farm in Tamme village, Raikküla Rural Municipality

Kuressaare Kindergarten # 5
The Rahu family’s Lilenthali Farm at Valjala
The Kaljuste family’s Kännu farm in Pihtla village, Pihtla Rural Municipality
The Roos family’s home and garden-park in Kuressaare
Kuressaare Health Park
Lümanda Rural Municipality

Tartu County
The farm of Arne Väljaots in Poka village, Mäksa Rural Municipality
Sirje Ginter’s Waddi Farm in Oomiste village, Kambja Rural Municipality
The Uudelt family’s home at Elva
The Hunting House of MTÜ Tähtvere Hunting Society in Ilmatsalu village, Tähtvere Rural Municipality

Valga County
The Nõu family’s home in Valga
The Margus family’s Elbra Farm in Alamõisa village, Hummuli Rural Municipality
The Mõtsi family’s Variku farm in Möldre village, Helme Rural Municipality
Pühajärve Recreation Center
AS Hansa Graanul
Helme Rural Municipality

Viljandi County
The Põldma family’s Mäealuse Farm in Sinialliku village, Pärsti Rural Municipality
Housing Society "Ramsi 9" at Ramsi
The Seppo family’s home in Viljandi
The Peebu family’s Risttee Farm in Loodi village, Paistu Rural Municipality
Paistu Rural Municipality

Võru County
Terje and Tiina Teder’s Tammiku Farm in Matsi village, Varstu Rural Municipality
Andu Tõrukese’s home in Võru
The Lindebergs home in Peebu village, Mõniste Rural Municipality
Võrumaa Vocational Education Center in Väimela

The City of Tallinn
The Estonian Open Air Museum
Tiina Savisaare’s home
Svetlana Koturbash’s home
Hotel Susi

The City of Tartu
Kersti Jeets’s home
Gennadi Timberg’s home
Tartu Maarjamõisa Kindergarten
Tartu Hiie School

The City of Narva
Housing Society "Rahu 14"
Mother of God Narva Holy Figure’s Church
Kindergarten "Marjake"
The Kalatchov family’s summer home at "Vesna" gardening society

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Kadriorg, August 10, 2006

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