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The President of the Republic thanked the Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania

Today, at Kadriorg, the Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania Antanas Vinkus paid a farewell visit to President Arnold Rüütel who thanked the ambassador for his contribution in promoting his homeland in Estonia and in diversifying the contacts between the two countries.

President Rüütel concluded that the relationship between Estonia and Lithuania is content-rich and purposeful that is natural in case of two good partners, and during the ambassador’s almost four years of service, new additional colours have been added to the relations between our two countries. “ During the time you have worked in Estonia many big changes have taken place in Europe. Together we can look back and think about the times when both Estonia and Lithuania were taking responsible steps towards the accession to the European Union and NATO, the members of which we have been for over two years by now. I am sincerely glad that Estonia and Lithuania have travelled that road together. The success of one Baltic state means success for all three. And so, supporting each other, we should see our relations developing also in the future, but now already in much wider and more comprehensive framework,” the head of state said.

According to the assessment given by the President of the Republic, Ambassador Vinkus had fulfilled a big and successful task introducing and promoting Lithuania to Estonians. “ Thanks to your active contribution there have been numerous mutual high level visits. Your favourite area of activity used to be organisation of active cultural exchange between Estonia and Lithuania, promotion of close contacts between creative people of the two countries. I am convinced that cultural exchange is playing an important role in international relations where different attitudes and approaches will meet and in the course of which understanding and recognition will be born. This is why that work has to be continued,” the head of Estonian state said.

President Rüütel asked to extend his greetings to the President of Lithuania, Mr. Valdas Adamkus, with whom the head of Estonian state has often met and had many long discussions.

The Ambassador of Lithuania thanked the President of the Republic for the honour bestowed on him, and he also thanked the head of Estonian state for his personal contribution in advancing the relations between the two countries. In the words of Ambassador Vinkus he has been very lucky to work in Estonia in close cooperation with President Rüütel, and Estonia will always stay in his heart.

In recognition of the ambassador’s services, President Rüütel conferred the 1st class Order of the Cross of Terra Mariana on him.

Public Relations Department of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, June 28, 2006

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