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PRELIMINARY NOTICE: The youth essay competition ''How to be an Estonian in the 21st century'' ends tomorrow

The youth essay competition ''How to be an Estonian in the 21st century'', which was organized by Ingrid Rüütel who is also the patron of the project, will end on Saturday, June 10, with a festive awarding ceremony.

The awarding ceremony will take place on Saturday, at 2 pm, in the assembly hall of the Estonian Literary Museum in Tartu (Vanemuise 42)

Andrus Helenurm, Chairman of the Eesti Klubi, will make the opening address. Ingrid Rüütel, who was the Chair of the judging panel, will explain the idea of the essay competition and will give an overview of its results. Leelo Tungal, Editor-in-Chief of the children's periodical ''Hea laps'' will talk on behalf of the judging panel about the works of the younger age group, and Professor of Tartu University Reet Vääri will talk about the works of the medium age group. Writer Lehte Hainsalu and psychologist Avo-Rein Tereping will talk about the works of the older age group. The closing words will be by writer Hando Runnel.

The Ministry of Environment, the Reform Party, the Estonian People's Union and the Estonian National Folklore Council donated special prizes of the essay competition. Tartu Art Gymnasium’s folk music ensemble ''Jöru ja sõbrad'' will perform at the ceremony.

The youth essay competition ''How to be an Estonian in the 21st century'' was announced by the Eesti Klubi. The aim of the competition is to inspire children and youths to live in their homeland as honest, ambitious and socially active persons and citizens who care about national culture and values. 183 essays of high standard were entered in the competition.

The competition was held in three age groups: students of basic school, gymnasium and university students under 25 years of age. In each age group, beside the first, second and third prizes, also incentive prizes are awarded, and in addition to that there are also special prizes.

The results of the essay competition are available at

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