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The President of the Republic met with the Foreign Minister of Albania

President Rüütel met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania Besnik Mustafaj.President Rüütel, today, at Kadriorg, met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania Besnik Mustafaj.

Foreign Minister Mustafaj spoke about Albania’s aspirations in connection with the European Union and NATO, and asked for Estonia’s support to his country’s aspirations. In the words of the Foreign Minister now that the whole Balkan region is talking in one language - in the language of European integration - there is a hope that the peace process has reached a definite victory. According to Mustafaj, in the context of NATO, Albania is interested in the accession experience of the Baltic countries, and in particular, in Estonia’s experience how to shape the society’s understanding that accession to NATO is an integration process in which not only the defence forces but the entire state is involved.

Besnik Mustafaj assured that Albania is definitely on the road of democratic development and is very interested in developing its relations with other countries, and, among other things, in involving foreign investments in Albania’s economy, for example, in the field of tourism, agriculture, energy and infrastructure.

President Rüütel spoke of Estonia’s development cooperation activities and about introducing its reform experience to the transition countries. In the words of the President of the Republic, Estonia is interested in intensifying such contacts with Albania and wishes success to Albania’s aspirations both in the context of the European integration and NATO.

Public Relations Department of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, March 29, 2006

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