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President of the Republic at the Festive Ceremony Estonia Thanks at Kadriorg Palace on 22 February 2006

Dear recipients of decorations,

I congratulate you on the distinguished recognition bestowed on you by the Republic of Estonia!

A decoration of the Republic of Estonia is acknowledgement for commitment to its ideals and people. On the threshold of the 88th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia and in the 15th year of our restored independence we thank and honour people who through their activities have promoted a democratic state, which “should ensure the preservation of the Estonian nation and culture throughout ages”.

The Republic of Estonia is also grateful to its supporters abroad who in difficult times and throughout years have been real friends. I am sincerely glad that there are so many of you!

Among recipients of decorations are good teachers and well-known scientists, great creators and outstanding sportsmen. You have taught our children, you have been a great role model for them; you have taken the name of Estonia to the wide world and proved that the Estonian language and culture will have future.

There are good local government and public officials, members of the clergy and judiciary, journalists and promoters of economy among you. Thanks to your daily work the Republic of Estonia is becoming an increasingly reliable and sound home for its people.

It is not really important what kind of job you have or had. The way you have done it is important. Thank you for your commitment!

I congratulate all of you on the 88th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. I wish you satisfaction with your job and country!

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