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The President of the Republic attended an annual thank-you-event of persons with mobility impairment

President Rüütel and Mrs. Ingrid Rüütel today attended the annual thank-you-event “The Deed of the Year 2005” organised by the Estonian Union of Persons with Mobility Impairment, which took place in the building of SEB Eesti Ühispank headquarters.

In his greeting address, President Rüütel expressed satisfaction that the number of compassionate and helpful people among our compatriots is increasing, and due to their support many people have found new possibilities for self-realisation.

“In a strong society even the weakest person can feel being cared for and noticed. It does not mean by far only support and benefits given by the state. Often, what is needed is not so much material assistance but caring for people, and instead of exhibiting our progress, we all should have more good deeds to show. Everyone who possesses compassion and good will is capable of doing that, “ the Head of State said.

“No doubt, the state has a very important role in assisting people with disabilities. The state is responsible for legal and administrative environment in which people with special needs live and earn their subsistence. The state can motivate the employers to offer employment to people with different abilities. Estonia has still a lot of space for development if we want to act in a way that is proper for a European state and to enhance the employment of people with disabilities. Estonia certainly needs the participation and involvement of all its citizens both in working life as well as in social life,” the President of the Republic said.

“Also local governments have to fulfil their responsibilities. Knowing well the local life, local governments have the responsibility to reach every person who is in need of help and find a solution that will meet the person’s specific needs. Herewith I would like to express recognition to those local governments who have done more than their direct obligations demanded,” President Rüütel added.

The President of the Republic wished the Estonian Union of Persons with Disabilities continuous enthusiasm for their activities and thanked all benevolent supporters whose deeds will set a good example for many others.

Public Relations Department of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, February 15, 2006

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