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The President of the Republic spoke about values in politics

President Arnold Rüütel opened a conference Christian values in Estonian politicsPresident Arnold Rüütel today at Pirita Flower Pavilion in Tallinn opened a conference "Christian values in Estonian politics". The conference was organised by the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church headed by Archbishop Andres Põder and among the participants were Prime Minister Andrus Ansip and representatives of all parliamentarian parties.

"Most Christian values are so rooted in our European cultural space as general human values that also non-Christians naturally accept and cherish them. Be it honesty or mercy, altruism or supporting the weak. All those values are retained and transmitted through society's cohesion and examples," the President of the Republic said.

The Head of State called on politicians to think how to lessen the number of socially deprived people and social divide when considering the next budget. "It is solidarity over essential matters that indicates society's moral maturity. It is pleasant to see how the prosperity of our people is growing. On the other hand, international comparative data show the existence of dangerously high level of social inequality among Estonian population. Far-reaching consequences of that become evident when we have a look at public health data and school drop-out rates," the President of the Republic said.

President Rüütel said that he welcomes broader social discussion about the connection between morality and politics. "I believe that the public would like to get and must have an answer to the question how natural and possible is ethical politics and to what extent has it rooted in today's Estonia," the Head of State added.

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Kadriorg, November 11, 2005

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