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President of the Republic visits Lääne and Saare counties

Today and tomorrow the President of the Republic is visiting the Lääne and Saare counties.

This morning the President of the Republic opened the Esivere Wind Farm founded in the Hanila rural municipality, Lääne county, by OÜ Roheline Ring. "Today is the day that shows that wind energetics in Estonia is developing rapidly. The Esivere Wind Farm with its 8 MW power, that will be commissioned presently, is capable of delivering electric power to nearly 3000 homes. This is a momentous step towards the sustainable way of life, where a more extensive use of renewable sources of energy is unavoidable," President Rüütel stated at the opening.

In the afternoon the Estonian Head of State participated in the celebration of the 15th anniversary of granting the Muhu municipality and the city of Kuressaare the status of a local government, which was held at the Kuressaare City Theatre. "The fact that restitution of local governments started in Saaremaa has a significant symbolic bearing, because the roots of the community-based local governments tradition on Saaremaa go back deep into the history. The rocks marking places of ancient fortifications set up by our forefathers bear witness of the sensible and well-weighed way of life," said the President of the Republic.

Thereafter President Rüütel continued his visit by attending the opening of the biowaste treatment facility of OÜ Saare Economics, set up in the Jööri village, Valjala rural municipality. President noted that more often than not nature tends to remind people that further development should not be built on the use of resources in the current lavish way. "Introduction of alternative energy sources, and reduction and recovery of waste is an inevitable response to these reminders given by nature. As a Member State of the European Union, Estonia must swiftly straighten up its waste handling; this means recovery or landfilling of all waste that is being generated. So, along with new landfills new biowaste treatment facilities, utilising technologies that exclude polluting soil and air, will be set up," the Head of State said.

Tomorrow the President of the Republic will visit Kuressaare, and, among other items on the agenda, will participate - together with the acting Saare county governor and the mayor of Kuressaare - in the opening of the new office building "Ajamaja".

Public Relations Unit of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, September 30 , 2005

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