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President of the Republic supported Moldova's Aspirations

On Thursday evening President of the Republic and Mrs. Ingrid Rüütel hosted a festive dinner in honour of President Vladimir Voronin of the Republic of Moldova.

In the speech President Rüütel delivered at the dinner he confirmed that the course of integration with the European Union, elected by Moldova, will ensure democracy and market economy, and will constitute a good incentive for the sustainable development of the country. "Using Estonia as an example I can assure you that the prospect of the accession with the European Union promoted swift and extensive social and economic reforms within the society. Moreover, it focussed the activities and the objectives of the entire Estonian public sector," President Rüütel noted.

The Estonian Head of State added that he regards complete and unconditional withdrawal of the Russian troops from Moldova an issue of high import. "Furthermore, the performance of the obligations by Russia is a question of reliability of the OSCE. The withdrawal of Russian troops is a key factor both for ensuring Moldova's free development, as well as for the resolving of the Transnistria conflict. Estonia shares the concern of the international community over the situation that has evolved," President Rüütel said.

President of the Republic noted that both Moldova and Estonia are making their contribution to the diversity, richness and harmony of the world, discovering new opportunities for the mutual relationship. "Hopefully you will take with you from this visit new information about Estonia, that will generate preconditions for co-operation between our two countries," the Estonian Head of State added, and wished Moldova every success and prosperity.

In his address the President of the Republic of Moldova noted that integration is one of the primary foreign policy objectives of the Republic of Moldova. "It is a natural choice, because we are an integral part of the European civilisation, through our heritage, history, as well as our spiritual values. We know that achieving our objective - accession to the European Union - is difficult and complicated, and that in order to comply with the European requirements we need to carry out an immense number of changes. Nevertheless, we are full of resolve to make all efforts in order to be successful in setting up a democratic society, and I am convinced that only on these conditions it is possible to ensure flourishing of my nation," Moldova's Head of State maintained.

Moreover, President Voronin emphasised the interest of his country to intensify economic relations with Estonia. He expressed his gratitude to Estonia for her readiness to share with the Republic of Moldova her experience accumulated in the course of reform processes as well as through her integration with the European Union, and for Estonia's assistance in the course of the reviewing of the individual Moldova-NATO partnership action plan. "Relations with the Republic of Estonia form a significant part of the foreign policy of our country, particularly in view of the fact that the methods and quality of implementing of economic, political and social reforms in Estonia serves a great example for us on our road to democracy, rule of law, and market economy," President of the Republic of Moldova stated.

Moldova's Head of State Vladimir Voronin departed from Estonia on Thursday evening.

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Kadriorg, September 29, 2005

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