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The President of the Republic's Academic Council presented a book

The Commission of Internal and National Security of the President of the Republic's Academic Council presented today at the Office of the President a recently published collection of articles ''The Price of Estonian Success. Social Security and Safety of People in Estonia''. Eduard Taska and Tiina Randviir have collected between the covers of that book articles in which the scientists and experts from various fields analyse issues of security from different angles.

''It is high time to ask if the price paid for economic success is too high for society and unfair towards next generations. In order to strengthen the vitality of the society, we should certainly take a course towards such development that would spare people and culture, and create a firm base for security of individuals and of the state. The authors of that book also lead us to such understanding, they point out the problems and offer a lot of material that explain the situation,'' the President of the Republic wrote in the preface of the book.

The articles of the book include discussions on fundamental concepts and theoretical base of national security and safety of people, introduce the results of several research works and statistics of threats, and explain social security guarantees and mechanisms. The tasks and obligations of the state in that area, but also what individuals themselves can do using the mechanisms of the civil society are clearly indicated.

The Commission of Internal and National Security of the President's Academic Council have regularly convened since May 2002. The meetings of the Commission have addressed a broad spectrum of security issues starting with international threat factors and ending with maintenance of law and order and individual problems of people's safety.

Public Relations Unit of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, June 21, 2005

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