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The President of the Republic made a speech at the 15th anniversary of the Congress of Estonia

President Arnold Rüütel today delivered a speech at the concert-meeting dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Congress of Estonia, held at the Estonia Concert Hall in Tallinn. In his speech, the Head of State expressed his belief that the people would keep everything that has happened in their historical memory.

"In a situation, where the political forces were in confrontation and possible external allies, because of uncertainty about the further development of events, had taken a cautious attitude, the people could count only upon their own strength, their historical memory and experience. The masses of people joined the movement of Estonian citizens and the People's Front, they strongly supported the activity of the Supreme Soviet helping to create a legal basis for the independent state, and during the referendum expressed their firm will to restore the independence. All this deserves a special respect and recognition also today," the President of the Republic said.

In the words of President Rüütel, the movement of Estonian citizens and its forum, the Congress of Estonia, helped the people of Estonia, who had been for fifty years under foreign rule, to unite and become the bearers of the supreme power. "The principle of legal continuity became a guideline for the restoration of independence that helped to keep the course and focus the thoughts," the Head of State said.

Concluding his speech, President Rüütel emphasised the necessity to consider also today the will of the people as the supreme order when making difficult and complicated choices. "This is the only compass that will keep our state on the right course," the President of the Republic stressed.

Public Relations Unit of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, March 13, 2005

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