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The President of the Republic spoke at the annual conference of the European National Associations for the Club of Rome

President Arnold Rüütel today made a key note presentation "The Estonian Way of Sustainable Development" at the opening session of the annual conference of the European National Associations for the Club of Rome held in the hall of the Ministry of Environment in Tallinn.

In his presentation the President of the Republic said that after restoration of independence economic growth and enhancement of people's wellbeing have been principle aims in Estonia. "Sustainable, socially and regionally balanced economic growth will continue to be among the priorities of Estonia," President Rüütel said.

The President of the Republic stated that the transition to innovation-centred economy was not possible without a qualitative leap in education and training. The Head of State added that for a small state it was important to guarantee the access of all citizens to education and actively participate in international scientific research work.

According to President Rüütel the goals of sustainable development are targeted to preservation of cultural space, and enhancement of people's wellbeing and security. "In that respect the exploitation of natural resources is unavoidable, but doing that we should not cause any damage to ecological balance," the head of State stressed.

"Needless to say that the main goals of Estonia's strategy of sustainable development do not serve the interests of only Estonian state and society. Enhancement of the quality of life by means of improvement of economic wellbeing and security, development of Estonian cultural space, ensuring of social and ecological balance, and fruitful contribution to global development are top priorities of stable development of our whole planet," President Rüütel noted and emphasized the importance of holding the course of sustainable development.

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Kadriorg, February 25, 2005

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