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The President of the Republic handed over state decorations

The President of the Republic handed over state decorations.President Rüütel today at noon at the festive ceremony "Estonia Thanks", which was held at the Kadriorg Art Museum, handed over state decorations to outstanding state officials, educationalists, cultural workers and business people.

The President of the Republic addressing the recipients of decorations said: "Tomorrow 87 years old Estonia has reason to be proud of her distinguished citizens and rejoice at her friends and supporters from all over the world. Today we express our heartfelt gratitude to the citizens of our state and to our friends whose deeds have served common good the most".

"Just as in previous years, on the eve of the Day of Independence we express our gratitude to outstanding creative workers, entrepreneurs, and officials. Among today's recipients of awards there are again the sustainers of the continuity of our state, and restores of our independence from different people's movements and parties. It does not matter what is your nationality, and it does not matter whether you are a scientist, a teacher, an athlete, a doctor or a soldier. More important is that those people have dedicatedly harnessed their calling and their creativity to serve our state and our people. At all times, people have pondered over the question on what happiness depends. In the Western World it has been believed that happiness depends on one's virtue and its fruits. Here, those who are capable to recognise good and to strive towards it, are considered to be happy people. You have managed to do that," said the President of the Republic.

President Rüütel thanked all the recipients of decorations for their diligence, courage, and their work that has made our life and also us better.

Chairman of the Board of AS Hansapank Indrek Neivelt, who was conferred The 3rd class of Order of the White Star in recognition of his work as a promoter of the Estonian banking system spoke on behalf of the recipients of decorations.

Today, the Head of State presented state decorations altogether to nearly 176 individuals. At President's request, the state decorations conferred on the occasion of the Independence Day will be handed over by county governors in counties and by ambassadors in foreign countries.

Public Relations Unit of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, February 23, 2005

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