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The President of the Republic's Cultural Foundation announced the winners of the Children and Youth Creative Works Competition

Yesterday, the Board of the President's Cultural Foundation in cooperation with the Estonian Union for Child Welfare, the Committee of 120th Anniversary of the Estonian Flag, and the magazine ''Hea Laps'' announced the winners of the children and youth drawing and essay competition ''Tubli laps - Eesti ehe'' (''A good child - an ornament to Estonia'').

The awards were given in three age groups. The winners among the children at age four to six were five-year old Lily-Ann Rand from Riisipere Kindergarten and Johanna Martins from Tartu Children's Centre (instructor Ülle Talviste), and six-year old Helena Põdra from Tallinn Priisle Kindergarten (instructor Marge Laagus).

Among the children aged seven to eleven, the jury decided to award Hanna-Liisa Ella from Kuressaare Basic School, Kelly Lehtsaar from Emmaste Basic School, and Ilja Sopin from Narva Humanitarian Gymnasium.

Among the children aged ten to twelve, the winners were Maret Saaremets from Suure-Jaani Gymnasium (teacher Kersti Vendelin), Pirgit Peedosaar from Fr. Tuglas Ahja Secondary School (instructor Külli Vardja), and Riho Vahtra from Emmaste Basic School (instructor Eila Tõnisson)

Credit was also given to the works of several other children. The total number of entries submitted to the competition reached 700 drawings and essays, which all were well done and full of meaning. The President of the Republic will present the awards to the winners in March at Kadriorg.

According to the terms of the competition, which was announced last October, each entry consisted of two complementing each other components: a drawing and one-page essay describing the thoughts provoked by the picture. The youngest age group presented only drawings. The aim of the competition was to promote among children and youth desire and willingness to live as an honest, aspiring and socially active person and citizen. The works of the competition were supposed to depict such topics as home and family, how children understand the meaning of being a citizen and a patriot of your homeland in the Year of the Estonian Flag, but also what is the attitude of young people towards state structures - the president, government, defence forces and police.

Public Relations Unit of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, February 22, 2005

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