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The President of the Republic called for valuing children and family

President Arnold Rüütel today addressing the Estonian Development Forum called for valuing children and family in order to ensure the survival of Estonia as a nation.

According to the President of the Republic, Estonia as a Member of the European Union and NATO would attain a new position in Europe and equally in the world, and, therefore, it was time to strive actively and all together for the most efficient symbiosis of measures helping to keep our development pace, but, at the same time, safeguarding social security.

“In Estonia, importance has so far been attached primarily to economic progress. And indeed, we gained a strong impetus, which gave us the image of a successful country, however, in the present stage of development, there is an immediate need to focus on the so-called soft values,” President Rüütel noted.

The President of the Republic in his address underscored that it was not possible to improve Estonia’s demographic situation by separate measures, but only by elaborate long-term complex solutions focusing attention on the ability of families to cope with life’s challenges.

“Estonia already for years has tried to offer bold and innovative solutions. Now we are in a situation where we need this very same approach in order to ensure the survival of our people as a nation. We have tackled the process of national agreement, in which not only the political leadership of the country but also all of us have to fulfil our obligations to posterity. Time does not wait, but requires from us action, keeping in mind that Estonia’s absolute priority today is children and family,” President Rüütel stressed.

Public Relations Unit of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, November 21, 2003

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