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The President of the Republic met with the Federal President of Germany

President Arnold Rüütel this afternoon in Berlin met with the Federal President of Germany, Johannes Rau. Both Heads of State expressed delight at the excellent status of and progress in the Estonian-German relations.

The President of the Republic thanked Germany for its support given to Estonia over many years and in various ways. He also highlighted our continuously expanding economic relations, thanks to which Germany was placed third among our economic partners.

President Rau took interest in economic situation in Estonia, notably in investment possibilities and economic growth. President Rüütel praised Estonia’s favourable investment climate and suggested that Estonian and German firms could cooperate on the Russian market as well.

They also talked about relations with Russia as a soon-to-be neighbour of the European Union. President Rüütel stressed that both current and future members of the European Union should be interested in the Estonian border functioning well since it was shortly going to be the eastern border of the Union. President Rau agreed with this view and also emphasized the importance of this issue to all Member States of the European Union.

In addition, the President of the Republic at the meeting recollected the events having taken place 50 years ago, when the German people had stood up against injustice. According to President Rüütel, the Estonians felt that those events concerned them, too, because they for many years had had to suffer injustice as well. The President of the Republic underscored that now the time was approaching where the Estonians and Germans would be together in the same union.

At the meeting, also the forthcoming enlargement of NATO and the European Union was under discussion. The President of the Republic thanked Germany for the Bundestag having already ratified the accession protocols to NATO, and voiced hope that this step were soon endorsed by the Bundesrat as well. They also talked about the work of the European Convention and its outcome.

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Kadriorg, June 17, 2003

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