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The President of the Republic familiarized himself with Pärnumaa's peripheral municipalities

This evening, President Rüütel on his tour of Pärnumaa familiarized himself with the rural municipalities of Häädemeeste and Tali showing interest in the progress and problems of rural enterprise.

In Pärnumaa, fishing industry is a very important source of income. So, in the last ten years, there has been an increase of 25% in the number of people living by fishing. In the Rural Municipality of Häädemeeste, the President talked with local inshore fishermen who stressed that fishing was just as important as agriculture and, thus, deserved no less attention.

In the Rural Municipality of Tali, the President of the Republic called at a local farm and discussed with leaders of the municipality local problems. Their discussion focused on the poor standard of the local road and telecommunications networks, which hampers enterprise and makes young people leave the municipality. On top of that, the local producers maintained that the laws regulating marketing of agricultural products were "hostile towards rural life".

At the end of the day, President Rüütel visited the Agricultural College of Tihemetsa where, first of all, changes due to an upcoming general reorganisation of vocational education were under discussion. The Agricultural College of Tihemetsa soon would be integrated into the Centre for Vocational Education of Pärnu, in which case training in several professions would cease. However, in the view of the locals, an agricultural school, too, should be preserved in the County of Pärnu. At the same time, representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science opined that merger of schools would improve quality of education. The President of the Republic concurred that quality of education was important, but the state should also see to it that Estonia’s future system of vocational education were capable of training good specialists since, otherwise, we would have to come to terms with immigrant workforce.

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Kadriorg, May 26, 2003

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