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The President of the Republic met the Chairman of the Central Party

Today, with the results of the elections to the Riigikogu having come into effect, President Arnold Rüütel launched his consultations with political parties in order to find out their positions on forming the ruling coalition and its goals.

As noted by the Head of State already before the elections, he intended to start the consultations from the political party having won the most votes. And so, the President invited the Chairman of the Central Party, Edgar Savisaar, to Kadriorg for this midday.

The focus of the meeting was on the key issues of our state's future developments. President Rüütel underscored the need to ensure both regional and social balance. Edgar Savisaar shared the Head of State's concern about our demographic situation and prospects of sustainable development. He also expressed his support for the Head of State’s initiative to conclude a national agreement.

The need to ensure a balanced budget also in the case that the tax system were to be changed was under discussion at the meeting as well. The participants in the conversation attached importance both to the accessibility of high-quality education and all-round development of children's talents.

President Rüütel was interested in the Central Party Leader's views on what kind of a new ruling coalition and opposition in the Riigikogu were probable. In Edgar Savisaar's estimation, the formation of the government would not be an easy task, but he was optimistic as to the prospects of the Central Party. It is the desire of the Head of State that Estonia's new Government be as stable as possible.

President Rüütel intends to meet shortly the leaders of the rest of political parties represented in the 10th Riigikogu.

Office of the President
Kadriorg, March 22, 2003

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