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The President of the Republic to hand over folk poetry prizes

The President of the Republic on 21 February at noon in Tartu, at Estonian Literary Museum, will hand over the President's Folk Poetry Prizes for the year 2002.

On the proposal of Estonian Literary Museum, the prizes will be given to Heinz Valk and Pärt Lippus. Artist Heinz Valk has earned the prize for his collection of old songbooks and notebooks containing poetry, collected in the years 1962-2002. Heinz Valk has collected a total of 61 notebooks mostly in the Counties of Harju, Lääne and Hiiu.

Pärt Lippus is a student of Tartu University who over the last years has taperecorded materials concerning many different subjects. He has recorded memories of folklorist Herbert Tampere, interviewed contemporary Santa Clauses, recorded contemporary folk music at concerts and songfests. He has collected a total of 12 hours of sound recordings.

In the year 2002, nearly 450 persons have sent their contributions to the Estonian Literary Museum’s Archive of Folk Poetry, thanks to which the Folk Poetry Archive was supplemented with 13.711 pages of notations, 1671 photographs, 170 hours of sound recordings and 43 hours of videorecordings.

Each of this year's Folk Poetry Prizes figures 6.000 Estonian kroons, which will be donated by the President's Cultural Foundation.

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Kadriorg, February 19, 2003

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