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The President of the Republic met with leaders of political parties

President Arnold Rüütel for this forenoon invited to Kadriorg the leaders of those political parties which have presented for the upcoming partliamentary election lists of candidates comprising their own members only.

In President's view, Estonian society's confidence in future after years of rapid development needed to be enhanced. Many civic associations have held that our development priorities enshrined in the Constitution having taken effect more that ten years ago be specified and updated, and also laid down for a longer time than just the period between elections. According to the Head of State, we had every reason to expect from political parties whose campaigning for the seats in Parliament testified to their readiness to take the responsibility for society that they were, more than so far, willing to develop Estonia for the sake of prosperity of our people as a whole.

With this in mind, the Head of State briefed the ten chairmen or deputy chairmen present at the meeting on the possible process of concluding our national agreement. First, a memorandum confirming the willingness to pursue the achievement of the aforementioned agreement should be signed, thereafter, our long-term national objectives and the ways to reach them would be detailed, and then the parties ready for taking responsibility could sign the agreement.

President Rüütel urged the political parties to give our national interests precedence over short-term political considerations and to join the memorandum of goodwill even before the elections to the Riigikogu. "A message like this about politicians' willingness to work together would strengthen the sense of security not only of the voters but of society in its entirety, and enable the new Parliament to get rapidly started with their substantial work," the President noted.

The majority of the politicians present voiced their unconditional support to the President's proposal.

Office of the President
Kadriorg, February 14, 2003

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