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The President of the Republic is touring the County of Tartu

This morning, President Arnold Rüütel and Mrs Ingrid Rüütel started their two-day working visit to the County of Tartu.

Jaan Õunapuu welcoming the visitors on the border of the rural municipality of Nõo, invited the Head of State to a farm, Soone by name, to meet one of the most progressive farmers in the County of Tartu. The President was given an overview of Andres Tamme's farm of high productivity where the average milk yield amounts to 9400 kg per cow. According to the President, as for his academic background a doctor of agricultural sciences, results like these - comparable with the top level of the world - could only be achieved if the management of a farm was perfectly organized and the work carried out by highly qualified versatile specialists.

Both at the farm of Soone and at a meeting with farmers of the County of Tartu, that began at noon, the need to overcome the confrontation between small and large-scale producers was under discussion. In the view of the hosts, the confrontation was detrimental not only to the interests of producers but to rural life in its entirety. The President found that the County of Tartu was a good example of how farmers can live in harmony and this could serve as a model for a nationwide association of agricultural producers. As added by the farmers, it was crucial to reach accord particulary in view of our accession to the European Union, after which maintaining relations with several partner-organisations would be too complicated.

The President took interest in how the farmers are prepared to use the European Union's supports and if they are able to comply with European requirements. In the opinion of the county's farmers, excessive requirements and norms were implemented in Estonia. On top of that, the producers criticized the situation where difficulties to get small credit are inhibiting the progress of rural life. Furthermore, they deemed it necessary that the development of savings and credit co-operatives be promoted.

Before noon, the President at Emajõe Trade Centre opened a seminar presenting the European Union to the intellectual and business elite of the County and City of Tartu.

In the afternoon, the Head of State and Mrs Ingrid Rüütel visited a day nursery at Elva appreciating the staff's commitment to their work.

Thereafter, the President familiarized himself with the peat processing plant of Sangla which plays a most vital socio-political role in the monofunctional village of Puhja, and talked with the leaders of the firm about possibilities of modernizing technology, tapping alternative sources of energy, and combining the production of electricity and steam for heating.

Calling at the Limited Company Vinnal in the rural municipality of Vara, the President took interest in how the company had managed to gain a foothold in such a specific market like manufacturing timber construction-components.

Mrs Rüütel at the same time called at the Kindergarten of Luke, a library and a local heritage museum in the rural municipality of Nõo, and met with members of the Women's Club of Puhja.

In the evening, the Head of State is going to visit Kolkja and the Palace of Alatskivi. The tour of Tartu County will be continued tomorrow.

Office of the President
Kadriorg, February 11, 2003

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